AT&T Settlement for Collect Telephone Calls From Prisons

A $45,000,000 settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit entitled Judd v. AT&T. This lawsuit claims that AT&T failed to provide required rate information on collect calls from Washington Department of Corrections facilities during 1996-2000. The suit seeks statutory damages for those who accepted or paid for the calls, which the Court defined as $200 per person plus the cost of the collect calls accepted.

This website provides information about the case, who is eligible to participate in the settlement, how to comment on the settlement, how to file a claim, and how class members may exclude themselves from the class rather than participate in the settlement.







Current Status of Settlement as of September 6, 2013

Status of checks

Checks to class members have been mailed.

All checks were sent by first class mail from Bellevue, Washington. It may take 5 to 6 days for the checks to arrive at some destinations. If you have recently moved and did not provide a forwarding address, the check will be returned to us.

The checks could not be mailed until we resolved issues regarding hundreds of duplicate claims and different individuals claiming the same phone number. Also, we continued to receive claims through last week. Although this meant that the checks were delayed, it is important that the information be as accurate as possible and that we include as many eligible class members that we can. Thank you for your patience. Obviously, at this stage we cannot accept any additional claims.

Residual fund/cy pres awards

Information regarding cy pres awards may be found here.

After payment of court-approved fees, expenses, and case contribution awards, and expected payments to class members for their claims, an amount of money will remain from the settlement. At least 25% of that amount will be provided to the Legal Foundation of Washington. The remaining 75% will be distributed to entities eligible under CR 23(f). The Court will hold a hearing on August 23 to determine how those funds will be distributed. More information is available here.






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